Wicker Baskets for Storage

The wicker baskets for storage are a great way to organize a house. So many items can be stored in wicker baskets that they are quite useful. It is hard to keep a house from becoming cluttered unless you have some sort of plan to control the messes. Enter the baskets to help.

No matter which room needs to straighten up these baskets will help. In the bathroom the towels and wash cloths can be place in them. Also toiletries can also be kept in the wicker baskets for storage. If reading material is going to be provided it can be place in the baskets too.

In the living room even the kid’s toys can be picked up and put in the wicker baskets. Books can be stored in them too. If these have lids no one will ever know that a mess is being hidden in them. It is great for when a party is being planned and the space in the living room needs to be picked up.

Now in the bedrooms larger baskets can house extra pillows. This is a great way to have them available to the guests or family without the pillows accumulating dust. Many times people will sleep with more than just one pillow. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

There are many uses for the wicker baskets for storage in the kitchen too. Pot holders, oven mitts and dish towels are just some of the items that can be stored in these baskets. Onions can even be stored in them too.

In the den the TV remotes can be place in special baskets designed just for them. These wicker baskets will usually have different compartments and one you can place a programming guide it too. This keeps the remotes all in one place so they can be located easily.

If there is a crafter in the house the baskets are great to put craft supplies in. Whether it is yarn or supplies for scrapbooking the baskets are good storage containers. Also things like scissors, knitting needles or crochet hooks can go in the baskets too.

The secret to organization many times is hiding things in plain sight in decorative containers. Then when people come to call all they see is pretty baskets instead of the clutter they conceal. This can be done throughout the house like we said no matter which room.



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