The Mini Cooler – Keep Your Drinks Cold Wherever You Want to Bring Them!

So you want to buy a mini cooler do you? Haven’t got the slightest idea where to buy one? Well you have found the right place since, I have done all the research for you to help you buy a cooler you will simply love! Mini coolers are some of the best ways to keep your frosty brew cool and delicious – the way they were intended to be! They are also perfect for road trips, parties, and baseball games since they are compact and portable. Therefore, you can take your drinks with you anywhere you want to!

When looking to buy a mini cooler it will be important to establish a few guidelines, such as the price you want to pay, the size you want and any extra features that are important to you. Now of course mini coolers do not have to be used just for beer – they can be used for just about anything you can think of. Personally I have used my mini cooler or portable cooler (as some people call them) on cross-country road trips and even just going over to a friend’s house to watch the game. I also like using them when I go tailgaiting. Makes it easy to keep my beers cold and fresh so I can enjoy them with my friends before the big game. portable keg cooler 

It can be tough for me to tell you exactly how much to pay because there are just so many variables involved in the whole process. However whenever you look at portable coolers make sure that you spend the time to figure out what features you are getting for the price and compare them. There are many different types that you can choose from based on size, shape, color, and features. I also like my cooler to have a handle since that makes it easier to carry around with me. You can also get one with a specific logo, such as one with your favorite sports team or beer on it. These make great gifts as well!

One specific feature I always like to suggest is that they grab a portable cooler that has a 9-volt connection for their car because that feature alone has been indispensable for me! I loaded up a six pack (of soda because there is no way I condone drunk driving!) and drove about 10 hours through the heat of Arizona and New Mexico. Now in a normal cooler the ice would have melted and probably turned warm thus causing my soda to become warm. Not so with my mini chiller. The mini cooler I had bought was plugged into the cigarette lighter and kept my drinks cold! What a lifesaver!


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