Contemplation, Responsibility, Acceptance 


Sun enters Pisces on the eighteenth of February. 


Pisces is the last indication of the Zodiac. Eleven months after the Spirit (Aries) has developed to turn into an ideal individual (Sun’s excursion from Taurus to Virgo) and from that point, this ideal individual has figured out how to reward the world their special gifts (Sun’s excursion from Libra to Aquarius), in Pisces, it’s an ideal opportunity to incorporate everything and become “entire once more”.  pisces zodiac sign


After this flawlessness is accomplished, the Spirit will get back to the belly of the universe and start once again, when on the nineteenth of March we have the Spring equinox and another Astrological Year will begin (another Astrological cycle begins at the Spring Equinox, which is a similar time when the Sun moves into Aries). 


“Flawlessness is accomplished not when there isn’t anything more to add, but rather when there isn’t anything left to remove” – Exupery. 


Pisces season is a chance to get what we ask for, assume liability for what has occurred in our life, and acknowledge the current situation. 


If you lived with interest and expectation, you could end up content with how far you’ve come, regardless of how difficult this year cycle has been for you. Keep in mind – It’s not what befalls us, but rather how we respond to what exactly happens to us! 


“If your awareness is spotless, unadulterated, guiltless, the second isn’t far away when you will detonate into an iridescent wonder. That is the thing that is known as edification or arousing, or self-acknowledgement” – Osho. 


Sun’s travel into Pisces is the “summit” of the human soul’s main goal in this mysterious yearly cycle. This is an ideal opportunity to “complete” whatever we began at the hour of the Spring Equinox last year. 


February and March (the time before the Spring equinox) have consistently been a fun chance to clean up the house, the body, the brain and the Spirit. 


Take as much time as is needed to meditate, think about and contemplate things, and focus on them for the following cycle. Moderate down and reflect how this celestial cycle has affected you and what you are moving towards or welcoming in the following Sun cycle. 


The accompanying month additionally makes an extraordinary chance to go for a detox, a purification custom or attempt music or artistry treatment. This isn’t a period for genuine physical or mental work – be delicate with yourself. 


If conceivable, attempt to take some vacation days work and go to a spot in nature, ideally by the ocean or by a lake, far away from the matter of the city. The greatest days to go for a smaller than normal retreat are 16 to eighteenth of March (it’s anything but an end of the week), not long before the Spring Equinox on the nineteenth of March. 


And keeping in mind that the possibility of what will appear is obscure, have confidence that a new beginning is practically around the bend.



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