Promoting Your Self Help Business – Short Videos

When does 3 minutes of your time equal thousands of visits to your website? It’s all the time you need to make a short video promoting your self help book or business. After creating just one of these videos, you can upload it to YouTube and dozens of other free video hosting/sharing sites. You can take the same video and share it with your Facebook friends, post it to your blog and then hope that people will take the embed code and publish it to their blogs.

One video, 3 minutes long, could generate thousands of views to your website and help promote your book or business. I know because I do it all of the time. Now imagine making 50 additional videos… do the math. How much exposure could you generate for your business? It’s almost mind-blowing to try and think about it! This is so easy, yet many self-published authors and life coaches don’t even bother. They think it takes too much time.

How much time is too much time when it comes to promoting your business. In this age of so much competition, you have to do everything it takes to succeed. You have a message that needs to be told to the world… a message that can change lives. It’s almost selfish to not be everywhere possible with that message. Don’t hold back when it comes time to self promote using a powerful force such as the internet. It really takes very little time to create a big splash online, no matter what kind of business your are in. buy TikTok followers UK

Tips to creating engaging videos are in the way you look at the planning. Getting the right shot has everything to do with drawing out what you want it to look like in advance. Using a storyboard can help. A storyboard is small segments of visuals that are drawn out in cartoon fashion that shows the shots as you see them in your head. Not only does this keep your shooting on track, you can guide your cameraman and other people helping with your video to see what you are trying to do. It’s hard to explain sometimes what you are seeing in your head.

Keep in my good lighting and framing techniques that will give your video a nice professional touch. Videos help build your brand and establish you as the expert in your field. The more professional they look, the more professional your business looks.

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