One Way Backlinks: Grow Your PR and Bring More Traffic to Your Website

Getting backlinks is very important for your website’s SEO. It helps you grow your Page Rank (PR), and get more traffic through natural searches.

Remember that any link that points to your site, can bring you visitors, so it’s very important to have lots of links from other websites, link to yours.

Another reason why links are important is because, search engines use them to rank your page higher and bring you more visitors through natural searches.

So now, I’m going to talk about one way backlinks and the importance of getting them to bring more traffic to your website and grow your PR.

One way backlinks consist on having one website link to your website. That’s it. They are not reciprocal backlinks. Only one site links to the other. And remember that backlinks are important for SEO? Well, search engines give more value to one way backlinks. They understand that if one website is linking to another, it’s because they see value in it, so search engines see this too.

One way backlinks are hard to get, but you can get some of them by providing good content to your readers. Some of them will find your content valuable and will link to your site to share the information with others readers or customers. As you can guess, it’s easier to get one way backlinks on blogs because they give more information to the readers and customers.

Now let’s not forget about traffic and PR. They are both extremely important. If a site is linking to your site, you will get a portion of its PR and some of its traffic. 구글상위노출

So let’s say that a site with PR 5 links to yours. PR 5 means that that site gets a good amount of traffic though natural search. So you can expect a good portion of the traffic from that site, to jump to yours.

You will also get a portion of that site’s PR, but it depends on how many links it has to other websites. Here is an example:

A network marketing blog has a PR 5 in its homepage, and has 10 links pointing to other network marketing sites. The PR is distributed among all 10 links, giving them a value of 0.5 to each link. This PR value will be added to the other network marketing sites, because it’s a one way link. Therefore, if there is a network marketing site that has PR 2, linking only to your site, your site will increase 2 in PR.

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