How To Twitter – Basics on How To Use Twitter

How To Twitter

What Is Twitter?

Are you interested in learning more about How To Twitter? Before we cover the basics on How To Tweet and use Twitter to our advantage both socially and professionally, we will first answer the question: What Is Twitter?

Twitter is virtual sharing site to which valuable information is posted on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, small business owners, and even CEO’s or liaison of major corporations. While there is a considerable benefit to those who own and operate a business on Twitter, it’s also a method of staying in touch and updating one’s personal life to multiple users simultaneously.

A further explanation to “What Is Twitter” involves the act of tweeting. Thoughts, bulletins, articles, news postings and more are shared with what is referred to as “Tweets,” which consist of 140 characters or less.

Join Twitter

Okay, so this seems like an obvious step, but there is information you will need here for your mission to learn How To Twitter advantageously. The most important part of this step is identifying your interests for Twitter by selecting friends, celebrities, or companies which reflect you as a person. Twitter is an intelligent social sharing site, and it uses this information to offer you suggestions on who to follow, as well as recommend you to other people.

Also during the registration phase, make sure to check your contacts in your major email accounts to find your friends on Twitter or invite them to learn How To Tweet. When you become a Twitter user, make sure to update your interests and post a picture of yourself you’d like the world to see.

Build Your Twitter Network

Once you have had the opportunity to join twitter, you will want to begin establishing an online presence in your niche. If you are an individual who simply wants to learn more about others and share your experiences with multiple users, this step on How To Twitter still applies!

How To Twitter effectively begins with you and your association with already established Twitter accounts. Not only should you follow those in which you are interested, you can also benefit by Re-Tweeting posts you find interesting. The more posts you make, whether they’re your own or a Re-Tweet of somebody else’s Steph Korey  material the more exposure you will get when Twitter makes recommendations to others.

To Re-Tweet a post by another user you are following, simply hover your mouse over the title of the tweet. On the right of the title you will find options: Reply, Re-Tweet, and Favorite. If you Re-Tweet the post it will only show publicly on your page. If you reply to the post it will show on both your page and the page of the original posting party.

Learning How To Twitter also involves searching for people or companies which are aligned with your interests. To find a specific user or multiple users by genres such as jazz music, quitting smoking, Yoga, or whatever else interests you. You will find a Search option on the top right side of your screen when you are logged on to Twitter. If you are more interested in reviewing all categories for something eye catching, go to the Discover link at the top and use the column on the left of that page to Browse Categories.

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