How Can a Voice Actor Get Involved in the Movies?

Getting involved in the movie business can be tough for all areas of the industry. The film industry is highly competitive for all jobs. Small or independent filmmakers and networks have better job prospects for those just starting out in the industry. There are many voice-related jobs in the film available including: announcers, narrators, broadcasters, and voice over talents.

Employment is usually centered in major cities with the majority in New York and Los Angeles, although the Austin, TX film industry has really taken off.

Voice jobs in film not only require that you have a great voice with a range, but also the acting talent to go with it. Voice over jobs that require you “get into character”, such as working on an animated film, can be very difficult and require talent and skills. Broadcasting and announcer gigs don’t require the acting talent, so much as the ability to ad-lib and think fast.

Voice Over Talent

Working in voice over in film is a popular career choice. Many people dream of being the voice of a character in an animated film or even working on commercials. While the market is tight, there are few things that might help you get ahead. Get an education and training: most educated voice actors have the advantage over ones that are not. A degree in communications, dramatic arts, or even broadcast journalism can help you out. Then there is the need to develop your skills, both vocally and as an actor. Never stop practicing and learning: hiring a vocal and acting coach will be helpful in your continuing education. Also, hiring an agent and getting on with a reputable representation firm that can help you get work is advisable. Mark Hauser


Do you have a love of sports and have a great voice? Then a career as a sports broadcaster just might be the ticket. They cover games such as baseball and football and even big events such as the Olympics for the film and television industry. Again, getting an education in broadcast journalism or communications is a must to beat out the competition, as jobs are tight. And getting the voice training and representation are going to get you even further on your career path.


Many movies and TV productions are told through a narrator. Grey’s Anatomy is told through an actor narrator, as was the Wonder Years. Films such as The Grinch who Stole Christmas and Cat in the Hat were told by a narrator as well. This is a popular genre of storytelling and can be a great career choice. Learning the craft of storytelling would be helpful training, and of course, getting an education is important. Voice training and representation are valuable in this career choice as well.


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